Indoor/Outdoor Living / by Hannah Austin

Now the beautiful weather has arrived (long may it last!) the opportunity to spend more time outdoors is here. At Abode, we thought it was the perfect time to look into more concepts for indoor/outdoor living and how to make it a seamless transition from one to the other.

When the weather is good the garden can become another room to your house. Not just a place to potter at the weekends, but a fully functioning and equipped space to extend your family life.  

Architects and designers can help you to create spaces that blur the boundaries between the inside and out, so you can make the most of the outside space and the glorious weather.

Here are five ways in which we can help you achieve this lifestyle:

Take out a wall

It seems dramatic but opening up the back wall of your house to the garden can be an easy thing to do and has a dramatic effect. Whether it is your kitchen, lounge or dining room, introducing a wall of sliding doors or bi-folds can make the boundary between garden and living space disappear completely. Not only will it shower your home with light, but a seamless and level threshold will create a smooth transition, so a single rom is created inside and out.  


Increase your light levels

We are always going on about this at Abode, but natural daylight is the answer to bringing an open feel to your home. A fully glazed roof, skylights and more windows and doors helps to create space. It also enhances our mood and allows us to absorb and enjoy as much of the sunlight and fresh air as possible.


Convert outdoor spaces

Do you have an outbuilding ripe for conversion or space for a garden room? This is another great option for creating more living space outside of your home, for a tranquil retreat, a workspace or a space for entertaining.


Using multi-use furniture

Simply by using furniture inside and out can create an extension of your home and flexibility for both family life and social occasions.

Having weather proof seating, dining table and chairs with a smattering of rugs, cushions and outdoor lighting can create an enriched space to allow you to make the most of your garden.


Bring the outdoors in

If you don’t have the space or budget to convert existing spaces why not bring the outdoors in! Fill your home with earthy tones, foliage-print fabric, plenty of plants and fresh flowers and as much daylight as possible by having simple window treatments.


If you would like to create a room that blurs the boundaries, extends your space or lets the outside in, get in touch with us at Abode on 07775 764867 or at

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