Small is beautiful / by Hannah Austin

The more confined the space the more constructive and challenging the task. But don’t be fooled, size does not put limits on design, creativity and beauty!

At Abode we love the challenge of getting the most out of a building or room in someone’s home, regardless of the footprint. The amount of care and thought that is needed in a small space is often reflected in the final outcome where spaces can be flexible, bespoke and refined.

If you decide to downsize your life or if you want to live free of a large mortgage, it doesn’t have to be about sacrifice, if you have thoughtful, innovative design.

The ultimate test is to turn a small space into a comfortable living space that delivers what the family needs. And this is where the skills of an architect come to the fore, as they can provide innovative ways to make a small home amazingly well equipped.

The real luxury is in the details and this is where a small, yet well-designed home can have a big advantage. The benefit of compact living is that there is little wasted space, where you can get creative and keep the budget low on the overall build, which allows you to invest in small touches of luxury throughout.


There are also many tricks that can be employed from an interiors perspective to make a smaller space seem large.

Floor to ceiling, multi-aspect windows, that let in plenty of natural light and an open floor plan allows the home to feel and look spacious.

A strong sense of indoor/outdoor flow also allows spaces to be expanded into the garden, when the weather permits! to make the house feel larger than it physically is.

Using neutral, natural hues helps to reflect light to help a space appear bigger and a minimalist approach to furniture and décor helps to create a clutter free effect. Storage, storage, storage helps to make use of every square inch and mirrors are a well-known trick to increase the size of a space.

If you would like to have your small space redesigned to work better for you and your family get in touch with Abode at, or on 07775 764867.